Unwrapping The Power of Play

UNWRAPPING THE POWER OF PLAY | Movement and play is essential for growing toddlers; it helps build muscles, strengthen coordination and release energy! But aside from the physical benefits, playtime fuels the brain.

Recently Titus embraced the holiday spirit and crafted and customized his own gingerbread house! This hands-on play enabled him to experiment with fitting pieces, brainstorming ideas, and using tools (he’s quite the hammer enthusiast!). Constructing the gingerbread house unleashed his creativity, boosting his decision-making confidence. The fun continued after this activity when Titus “drove” the cart throughout the store.

Titus is TWO! As part of birthday celebrations, he went to Winter Wonderlights at the Greensboro Science Center and saw so many colors & designs and finished with a ride on the carousel.

These precious moments are building the foundation for a creative mind, strong body and laying the groundwork for a healthy future for Titus. Through the Basic, Explore through Movement and Play, Titus learns to master problem-solving, teamwork, and regulating his emotions – many life skills wrapped up in fun.

By Candace Martin

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