The Basics

Maximize Love, Manage Stress

Talk, Sing and Point

Count, Group and Compare

Explore through Movement and Play

Read and Discuss Stories

The Guilford Basics

The Guilford Basics are five fun, free, simple ways that families and caregivers across Guilford County–from Whitsett to Oak Ridge and High Point to Browns Summit—can help make sure every child has a great start in life.

Inspired by the fact that 80% of brain growth happens in the first three years of life, the Guilford Basics offer simple ways to turn everyday interactions between children, their parents and other caregivers into opportunities to provide children from every background a more equal start in life. We are working through a broad range of institutions to ensure that every parent and caregiver is fully supported by family and friends to use the Guilford Basics practices in everyday life.

Guilford Basics