Toy Turnover!

TOY TURNOVER! | As parents, we are overwhelmed by toy advertisements. While toys are fun, development through play happens whether you are introducing the latest trendy toy or an everyday object you repurpose.
One of Claire’s (8 months) favorite “toys” is an old colander that she has turned into a drum and
sometimes a hat!

With a toddler and an infant, our house can feel like it’s drowning in toys. Not only is this overwhelming
to us as parents, it’s overstimulating for our kids too. We started rotating toys about a year ago and it
has been a game changer! We have four bins of toys (including household items that have turned into
toys) that we rotate every two weeks or so.

Our 2-year-old loves “toy rotation days” and while Claire doesn’t quite understand yet, she does show excitement when different toys are put out. Exploring through play doesn’t have to mean buying the latest and greatest. Recycling and repurposing things you already have can seem just as novel as opening brand-new toys! To get more ideas for how to do Explore Through Movement and Play, click here.

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