Toddler Talk Adventures

TODDLER TALK ADVENTURES | Toddler parents, yall okay? Every day is like a new adventure, but it’s all part of the joy of helping our little ones figure out life! Now at two years old, Titus is a chatterbox; most times repeating himself many times.

Using the Basic – Talk, Sing and Point helps us teach Titus about communication and putting words together. Titus is always full of questions, like “Momma, what’s that?” or “Help me!” We make sure to keep the conversation flowing, asking him questions to expand on the words he’s using. It’s amazing to see him soak it all in and start making those connections.

We also use this basic to identify body parts, household items, toys and colors. We’re big fans of Gracie’s Corner, so the song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is the perfect song to dance to and point to each body part ask “where’s Titus’ nose?” When we are reading books, we’ll talk about the pictures we see and the different characters of each book. During art time, we identify colors and even mix colors together to see what new shades we can create.

There are times when we don’t quite understand everything Titus is saying, but that’s okay! The important thing is that we’re communicating, building his confidence, and giving him the tools to express himself.

By Candace Martin

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