The Magic of Reading

THE MAGIC OF READING | Since we’ve been incorporating The Basic – Read & Discuss Stories, we’ve realized that reading to Titus; even as a baby, it’s never too early to start! We used to think, “He’s too young to understand,” but we were wrong. Starting to read to Titus right from the start has been one of the best things we’ve done.

When reading to Titus, we know he won’t get every word, but we do know that it’s helping build his language skills. There’s so much value in helping him understand how sentences work and planting seeds for his vocabulary. But even without words, it helps stimulate his imagination and we can have an adventure without even leaving home.

Cuddling up to read a book is such a special time. It’s our chance to bond and create beautiful, cozy moments together. It’s amazing how a simple story can make him feel safe and loved. And honestly, it’s not just good for him, it’s good for us too. It’s more than just reading; it’s about growing, learning, and making memories that last a lifetime and it’s worth every minute!

By Candace Martin

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