Reduce Stress, Maximize Love and Fun

girls playing on trampoline

Reduce Stress, Maximize Love and Fun

By Glasher and Ray Robinson

Recently we reflected upon the fact that our schedules are stretched most days. Logan is now in her first season of playing youth soccer. Lauren participates in taekwondo and Girl Scouts. On our busy days, Logan’s emotions can run high, and we may experience meltdowns. We maximize love and manage stress by watching for nonverbal cues like yawning. And we talk about her feelings, and asking her why she reacted the way she did.

We have now purposely scheduled time to relieve stress and regulate emotions by doing yoga before bed. We encourage Logan and Lauren to work together to complete tasks like picking up toys. We decided we needed to spend time relaxing and having fun as a family, so we took a trip to Velocity 360 Fun Zone. The girls had such a great time and there were lots of activities to participate in. Logan and Lauren’s favorite was the trampoline area.

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