Recognizing Feelings, Growing Confidence

girl wearing birthday crown

Recognizing Feelings, Growing Confidence

By Jasmine Faison and Jonathan Linton

As a toddler, it is important for Jade to know that she is safe, protected, and loved. She is much more in tune with her feelings now and is able to be more expressive about what she needs emotionally. Strategies to Maximize Love and Manage Stress are helping us to show Jade just how much her feelings matter. It also helps as we guide her on how to treat others. 

She loves to share, take turns, and be kind to others. We encourage her to try new things, while we talk out loud about our feelings and act out emotions so she can see that it is ok for her feelings to change. She is already quite the sweetheart and we enjoy watching her grow more secure in her feelings and confidence. Whatever makes her feel happy and confident is our number 1 priority, even if it means that she continues to wear her Happy Birthday headband- 5 months after her birthday!

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