Pointing at Penguins

girl looking at penguins

Pointing at Penguins

By Lizzy and Colin Tahsuda

Eleanor turned one a few weeks ago! We can’t believe our baby is officially a toddler. To celebrate, we took her to the Greensboro Science Center for the first time. She had a blast! We started in the aquarium. We talked about all the various colors of the fish and counted seahorses. The penguins were her favorite! She laughed as they waddled around and dove into the water. We probably could have spent the entire afternoon just hanging out with the penguins!

Outside, we spent time with the meerkats and the red pandas, but her favorite were the maned wolves. We think she thought they were dogs. 😊 She squealed at them just like she does when she sees our dog at home or dogs on walks! At the end of our visit, we rode the carousel. We identified the different animals, and she chose to sit on the tiger. All in all, it was a great day!

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