Overcoming Obstacle… Courses

OVERCOMING OBSTACLE… COURSES | Claire, 13 months, is focused on exploring the world around her. She loves to climb and even finds herself wedged under furniture sometimes.  During cold mornings, we’ve had to cozy up indoors, which has been a challenge with two busy toddlers. We’ve started building indoor obstacle courses in our living room to mix things up. Our latest set-up includes:

Crawling under the toddler table
Hopping on the “Xs” we’ve made on the ground with painter’s tape
Shimmying through the pop-up tunnel
Climbing over the “mountains” (aka, the laundry baskets)
Spinning twice on the sit-and-spin (promotes Count, Group and Compare)
– And finally, landing in the pop-up tent full of blankets and pillows
Claire loves to follow her big sister through the obstacle course! It gives her the opportunity to try new
gross motor skills, explore everyday objects in a different way, and get her energy out. While we can’t
wait to get outside and play now that the weather is getting warmer, indoor obstacle courses allow us to Explore Through Movement and Play no matter what it is like outside!

By Lizzy Tahsuda

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