Moving to His Own Beat

Titus has mastered crawling, pulling up and we believe he will take his first steps anytime now. Being mobile is a new exploration stage; the floor is his best friend and provides us many opportunities to Explore Through Movement and Play.

Titus has always enjoyed music. He has his own playlist that we listen to daily! Titus loves clapping to the beat and making his own noise aka singing! The noise we love to hear the most is his giggles!

He has a music activity board that features sounds of drums, piano and guitar, can switch to three different languages and covers the alphabet and counting. The interactive feature and bright lights encourage Titus to make his own sounds and beats! He has smooth dancing bop!

Titus will be one next month! Not sure how time went by so quickly but we are excited and can’t wait to party, play and dance together!

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by Terry and Candace Martin

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