Little Helping Hands

LITTLE HELPING HANDS | On December 2, Eleanor became a big sister! While most days she loves baby Claire, she is still getting used to sharing attention. She loves to help with things, so we have found opportunities for her to help with the baby. She will bring Claire blankets, throw away diapers, and turn on the baby swing. She is so proud of herself, and these activities have helped her embrace the big sister role!

She recently has started helping us with laundry, which encourages counting, grouping, and comparing! We sort Eleanor’s clothes from Claire’s and compare the size differences between them. Claire’s clothes are so tiny! Eleanor loves to count socks and we work on matching them in pairs. Who knew a mundane chore could be so fun! Finding these simple, everyday activities to talk about numbers and practice grouping and comparing is an important building block for basic math skills your child will need as they enter school. Learn more about Count, Group and Compare here!

By Lizzy Tahsuda, mom of two

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