Lights, Language, and Learning!

Lights, Language, and Learning – Our family recently went to the Greensboro Science Center’s Winter Wonderlights! Eleanor’s favorite animal to visit at the Science Center are the penguins. She loves to imitate their waddle and thinks it is hilarious when they jump into the water. Since Winter Wonderlights is mostly outside, we didn’t get to see the actual penguins, but Eleanor loved the light-up dancing penguins!

At 18 months, she is talking constantly. Sometimes you can understand her, and sometimes it sounds like gibberish (although she is certain of what she is saying – ha!). While walking around the exhibits, Eleanor proudly pointed to and stated all the things she recognized, like “star” and “tree.” She also learned new things as we pointed them out to her. It’s amazing to watch her brain work as we explain something new. Sometimes she repeats the new word immediately and other times she’ll surprise us days later by seeing the same thing and naming it without being prompted. I can’t wait to participate in more holiday activities this year and share even more with her!

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-Written by Lizzy and Colin Tahsuda

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