Library Magic

LIBRARY MAGIC | I have fond memories of spending time at the library as a kid. Whether I was browsing
the shelves with my grandmother or playing giant checkers with my dad, the library was a magical staple of my childhood. It warms my heart that our girls, Eleanor (3 years) and Claire (18 months), love the library too.

The library provides a sense of independence that resonates with toddlers and preschoolers. They get to pick out their own books and decide where they want to read them. We Read and Discuss Stories beyond the words on the page. While we do this at home, these books are new which adds a layer of curiosity. This leads to
longer attention spans and more in-depth conversations as we talk about how the characters might be feeling and what we think will happen next. They get to decide whether they want to take a book home or keep looking for a more enticing choice.

They both have their own library cards that they proudly give to the librarian when we are checking out books. Even the act of putting their books in the return slot gives them a feeling of autonomy!

The library offers comforting boundaries and structure. They understand that they need to use quiet voices and calm bodies. It’s a great environment to center ourselves and escape the heat on summer afternoons. The library is our happy place! Click here for more tips on how to Read and Discuss Stories.

By Lizzy Tahsuda

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