Let’s Talk

LET’S TALK | This month we’ve practiced Talk, Sing and Point in a number of ways.

Titus LOVES the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. As soon as we start singing he is already clapping his hands. He also enjoys playing peek-a-boo. When playing this, we point out body parts like “touch your head, cover your eyes”.

When picking up Titus from daycare, we ask him how his day was. We describe what we see when driving in the car, name the different foods he has at each meal and at times incorporate sign language.

At 13 months, it’s amazing to watch Titus grow and change daily. Now that he’s very mobile and we are in a new home, he is always discovering new things. He watches us closely as well so we make sure to repeat words and be specific about the actions we are doing.

By Terry and Candace Martin

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