Learning with Colors and Shapes

LEARNING WITH COLORS AND SHAPES | This month as we focused on the basic, Count, Group and Compare, we focused on colors, shapes and sorting. Titus enjoys playing with his blocks so we sort them by color and let him match the holes they should go into. We give him time to figure it out himself before we assist. We give him some time for trial and error, but once he figures it out we celebrate with a round of applause! We also call out the different colors and shapes of his blocks.

Titus is a great helper!  When cooking, he helps to separate things and measure out ingredients – although his favorite activity in the kitchen is going through the cabinets and pulling out pots and pans!

When we are walking up & down the stairs, we count each step! We’ve created a playlist full of songs for Titus that he can dance to and learn from. One of our favorites is Gracie’s Corner the Color Song. We go through our home and find the colors that we hear in the song. Here is a link so you can enjoy it too!

By Candace Martin

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