Her Own Voice

HER OWN VOICE | Claire turned one this month! She has her own little language these days. She can say a few words (“mama”, “hi”, “yes”), but most of the time she’s babbling to us with the tone and inflection like she knows exactly what she’s saying. It’s hilarious!

To help with her speech and communication, we frequently incorporate simple words and receptive listening into our play. For example, she’s in the phase where she loves to put something in a container and then take it out again. We started by narrating this for her by saying “in” and “out” as she does these actions on her own. Now, we can say “in” and/or “out” and she will follow the action. Soon, she’ll be saying the words herself! It’s a fun way for her to learn through play as we talk, sing, and point with her!

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