Goodnight Room

GOODNIGHT ROOM | At 7 months, Claire is fascinated by the world around her. Things that may seem mundane to us are brand new and exciting to her. We can easily entertain her by walking around the house and pointing at art, plants, books, or even the coffee maker! We name objects as we point to them, and she has started to point with us. Claire gets extra excited when we point to photos of people or animals that she knows!

With the 8-month sleep regression around the corner, we are doing everything we can to establish a consistent bedtime routine. One part of our routine is pointing and naming some of the items on her shelves above her rocking chair after reading. She loves doing this every night! We did this with her big sister, Eleanor, when she was an infant too, and now Eleanor likes to say “goodnight” to the items in her room. We found it helped Eleanor’s vocabulary and Claire seems to enjoy it too! Talking, pointing, and singing are easy ways to connect with your child throughout the day. Learn more ways to integrate the Basic, Talk, Sing and Point into your caregiving routine!

By Lizzy Tahsuda

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