Feeling the Love

FEELING THE LOVE | As we think of ways we incorporate the basic, Maximize Love, Manage Stress, into our daily life, many things come to mind. Titus turned one last week and the toddler stage is in full force. Here area a few examples of our caregiving strategy:

  • He has started walking; so we encourage him to take steps and when he gets frustrated and falls, we cheer him to get back up and try again.
  • We cuddle with him and give him hugs & kisses every morning when he wakes up and at night before bed.
  • Playtime gives us a chance to unwind and enjoy family time. We also practice sharing during playtime; Titus will pass his toys to us when we ask and after we say thank you, we give it back to him.
  • As first time parents, finding a routine is next on our list to check off. We’ve started working on this by getting up at a certain time each morning, having a bath time routine and reading bedtime stories.
  • Lastly, when we let Titus try certain foods; his facial expressions will tell us right off if it’s a hit or not. We describe the foods he eats and tell him good job when he tries something new or eats all of his food!

Maximize Love, Manage Stress really is the foundational Basic, providing support for all the other Basics to grow in your caregiving approach.

By Candace and Terry Martin

Photo Credit: Julie H Photography

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