Exploring the Fun Side of Numbers

EXPLORING THE FUN SIDE OF NUMBERS | On a recent visit to a local children’s museum, we had the opportunity to participate in many hands-on learning activities. As we practiced the Basic – Count, Group and Compare – Titus matched blocks, assembled puzzles, and was deeply engaged in the water exhibit. Each activity challenged him to experiment, adjust, invent, discover, and design.

At home, we enjoy counting objects around the house together and then asking Titus to repeat the numbers after us. We also practice sorting crayons by color and blocks by size, which helps him learn about patterns and groupings. When we read, we choose books that feature numbers and counting to reinforce these concepts.

These activities, both at the museum and at home, not only make learning fun for Titus but also help build a strong foundation for his future math skills. It’s wonderful to see his excitement and curiosity grow as he engages in these playful yet educational experiences.

By Candace Martin

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