Exploring the Friendly Skies

infant sitting on an airplane

Exploring the Friendly Skies

By Lizzy and Colin Tahsuda

Eleanor recently took her first plane ride for a family wedding. As first-time parents, we were terrified! Babies can be unpredictable and we didn’t want to disturb anyone on our flights. Thankfully, at 10-months old, Eleanor is very “busy” and easily distracted.

We made the most of the opportunity by pointing out new things. We counted luggage, “read” the airplane safety manual and had a blast on the moving sidewalks in the airport. She ended up having so much fun waving at people, playing with (eating) the boarding passes, studying the “fasten seatbelt” light and observing her new surroundings. Turns out she didn’t even need all the toys we brought with us!

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