Exploring At The Children’s Museum

MUSEUM EXPLORATION | This month we focused on Explore Through Movement and Play  which was perfect with the Spring weather we’ve been having. Titus loves being outdoors which gives us more opportunities for outdoor fun. We take walks through different parks and gardens in the City and point out flowers & trees, birds and we even spotted a turtle while at Country Park.

We also took Titus on his first trip to the Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum and he had a blast! The museum provided so many opportunities for us to Explore through Movement and Play. We started out in the Tot Spot. He played on the slide and with blocks, made music with instruments, and rode toys. We then moved into the construction zone. It was exciting to let Titus take the lead and explore the different features of the exhibit. We then ventured out into the outdoor play area where Titus climbed and went round and round on the spinner. Throughout each activity we made sure to describe what we did. It was a fun day to get out and explore the many exhibits at the museum and we will definitely be back.

By Candace and Terry Martin

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