Crawl and Compare

CRAWL AND COMPARE | At 9 months, Claire has become very observant! She will pick up toys and naturally study them, which gives us a great platform to point out comparisons. For example, when playing with her, we’ll give her a ball and a block and talk to her about the difference in shape, size, color, etc. Although she may not understand our words, she focuses on the objects and notices the differences, which is an easy way to work in Count, Group and Compare!

Another natural comparison she notices is surfaces when she’s crawling. This is especially true when she crawls outside. We will put her on a picnic blanket and then let her crawl onto the grass. She carefully looks at the grass and her hands, observing the different sensations. We talk about what she’s feeling and point out the differences. We recently went to the beach and it was her first time touching sand. After trying to eat it (ha!), she started crawling around and was fascinated by the texture. We showed her dry sand and wet sand, explaining how water changes the sand. Helping babies Explore Through Movement and Play and make everyday comparisons is a great way to teach her about the world around her!

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