Counting Fun

Toddler playing blocks

COUNTING FUN | Lately, Titus has been playing with his blocks, toy cars and dump truck. During playtime, we always play music and we can tell that Titus loves to hear the beat and he quickly catches on to patterns and rhythms. Listening to Gracie’s Corner song, Count to 100, makes counting fun and interactive. We also count as we climb up and down the stairs!

We Group and Compare his blocks by colors and sizes. He does a great job figuring out how to make the blocks fit each other which is helping his problem-solving skills. We make sure to talk to him and use specific positioning language. For example, the blue block is above the purple block. We sort his toy cars by their different types. Then we discuss quantities such as having more cars than trucks or vice versa. This may sound like a lot of work, but we really want Titus to develop a strong foundation to learn math – everyone can be a math person when they start with Count, Group and Compare!

By Candace and Terry Martin

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