Act It Out!

ACT IT OUT | At 11 months, Claire is busy! She’s on the move and interested in everything, which means that sitting still and reading can be a challenge. To keep her attention, we make the books interactive!

We move the book to match the actions in the story. Does the character jump? We make the book jump!
We “act out” adjectives mentioned in the book. For example, if the book says something is soft, we might softly pet the picture.

We match our tone and volume with whatever is happening on the page. Are the characters dancing? We read in a singing tone. Are they loud or quiet? We will get louder or whisper.

We point at the pictures that correspond with the words. Claire loves to point, so she will often imitate us.
Reading is one of our favorite things to do! Making it interactive combines all of the basics into one activity. Plus, as a parent of two children who are two-and-under, it gives me an opportunity to sit down. 😅

By Lizzy Tahsuda

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