A Day Out To Talk

A DAY OUT WITH TITUS | As an almost 2 year old, Titus is eager to soak up everything around him! Incorporating basic, daily activities are simple ways to practice The Basic – Talk, Sing and Point.

We encourage Titus to use his words – sometimes we understand and sometimes we don’t. Even when we don’t, we encourage him to keep talking and engage in back and forth dialogue. We practice the ABCs and identify different words, activities and colors from his My First Words book.

Recently we took advantage of one of Greensboro’s greatest assets – The Greensboro Science Center. The Science Center offers so many learning opportunities and there’s so much to see!

We had a very lucky day; pretty much all of the animals were outside. As we saw different animals we pointed and named them using descriptive vocabulary. I think the tiger was his favorite! During this particular visit, there was a Bricksboro exhibit. We were able to see many different creations made out of Lego! You don’t have to go to a museum to point out names for things in your environment. Even a trip to Target can be a great opportunity to Talk, Sing and Point to build vocabulary.

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