The Balancing Act

THE BALANCING ACT | The daily juggle of emotions, work, family and personal time can feel like a balancing act. But finding the time to unwind and connect with each other helps us Maximize Love, Manage Stress; with a little patience, it’s easy to get started.

We make quality time a priority. Creating dedicated family time builds strengthens out bond; whether it’s going out for breakfast, family game nights, putting together a puzzle or settling down for bedtime stories.

We listen to each other. Whether we can understand Titus or not we remove distractions, give him eye contact and our full attention when we talk.

We show each other gratitude and love. We say “please” and “thank you” and give hugs.

Being active and getting sleep helps to manage stress. Sometimes naps happen and sometimes they don’t; when they don’t Titus can become fussy and full of emotions. When this happens, we help him calm down by breathing and soothing him.

The balancing act of love and stress takes a lot of effort, but having a loving home environment is well worth it!

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By Candace Martin

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