Summer Play!

SUMMER PLAY! | The playground provides us many opportunities for the basic, Explore Through Movement and Play. Titus loves to play on the swings, slide and run through the splash pad. He enjoys exploring the various activities and we follow him around while he leads us.

Some days we take walks after school – Titus plays in the grass, looks at birds, flowers and trees and he can run off some energy! We also give Titus time to create art and play with crayons; he’s an artist in the making!

At 19 months, he is very interested in learning how things work, how to open things and building blocks. At home, as we use the stairs we use words such as up and down and count as we climb. Titus loves throwing his ball and chasing bubbles while we play outside. He helps out around the house by pushing the garage button, and turning the water and lights on & off. By encouraging him to explore his environment and move, we are helping his cognitive abilities to grow at a faster rate, which we know will pay off when it’s time for kindergarten!

By Candace Martin

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