We’re on the Move!

toddler walking

We’re on the Move!

By Jasmine Faison and Jonathan Linton

Hip Hip, Hooray, Jade has a birthday!

We are approaching Jade’s 1st Birthday with lots of excitement, as she finally started walking! A few steps here and there have quickly turned into full blown walking/trying to run in just a few short weeks.

We are overjoyed, as we have finally made it through all of The Basics for infants, and are now transitioning to the tips for our soon to be toddler!

Explore Through Movement and Play is currently helping most, as Jade navigates a new world that is higher up and more expansive than before 🙂 Following her lead, talking a walk, and using position words are supporting her new physical abilities. The sky is truly the limit for our April 1st baby. Enjoy the first year Moms and Dads, it goes by so fast!

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