Watch Your Step!

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Watch Your Step!

By Glasher Robinson and Lionel Ray Robinson

“Watch your step,” Lauren yelled to Logan! The Floor is Lava is a game often played in our home by throwing pillows on the ground, and then hopping from pillow to pillow without touching the ground (because the floor is lava).

A visit to Greensboro’s Children’s Museum allowed Lauren and Logan to put their design and building skills to the test at the Growing Place Exhibit. They were able to use their hands and feet to manipulate the water flowing in the digital forest. Lauren realized the faux logs served as a barrier to the water after she slid one by accident. Once they saw the water flow more freely, an idea was sparked. Logan began assisting Lauren in designing a forest with a flowing river that originated from the waterfall. Logan shouted, “Lauren, you’re standing in the water”! It was awesome to see them work together and discuss which logs to move to get the water to flow in the directions they wanted.

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