Triad Moms on Main Highlights Ways to Count, Group and Compare

In a blog post for Triad Moms on Main, Ariel Everett with Greensboro Day School wrote about ways to Count, Group and Compare with young children to help build early math skills. Included in her tips are:

  • At the grocery store, count the produce as you place it into bags. For example, you can say, “we need four red and three green apples.” Count each color individually as you place them into the bag. Then, after you get home, you can discuss how many there are in total.
  • Include your child in on cooking and baking. You can give them tasks where they help scoop a certain amount of ingredients into the bowl. Make sure you count aloud with them!
  • Explore what happens when you add or take away items from a group. For example, at snack time ask your child: “You have three crackers. How many will you have if you eat one?”

For more tips, read the blog post here.

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