Summer Fun Friday

toddler girl playing

Summer Fun Friday

By Glasher and Ray Robinson

Velocity 360 Fun Zone is becoming a new favorite activity in the Robinson household. Logan and Lauren fell in love with the trampolines during our last outing. This visit there was a lot of time spent exploring the obstacle course. Lauren led the charge and Logan aimed to keep up. I strived to push Logan to try some things that, based on her facial expression, she was unsure about. With each word of encouragement, Logan began to climb higher and higher (also with the assistance of her big sister). When she finally made it to the top, there was a round of applause. Logan shouted “I did it”! A very proud moment.

Making it through the obstacle course once was enough for Logan, so they slowed down a bit and played in the ball pit. Logan then made her way to the Toddler Center where she flourished playing with toys that were targeted for her age group.

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