Snuggle Up and Read

mother and baby reading

Snuggle Up and Read

By Jennifer Scotton

Reading a book to my six-month-old daughter before she goes to sleep has been a great addition to her bedtime routine. As she has grown more aware of the world around her, it’s become my favorite time of day. After I get her ready for bed, we snuggle up in the rocker in her room and read a short book before I sing her a lullaby and tuck her in to sleep.

One of our favorite books to read together is Baby! Talk! by Penny Gentieu. We love this book because it shows children illustrations of actions alongside the words as they’re read. We look at the pictures as I read the book aloud, acting out what the baby in the picture is doing. She loves looking at the photos of other babies and I can’t wait for the day when she follows along, clapping her hands when I read aloud “clap hands, baby!”


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