Setting a Pace

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Setting a Pace

By Shontia and Jayvon Johnson

Parents, it’s not about perfection, yet setting a pace you can keep up with.

As a parent, you never know if you are doing “enough.” You are always curious to know how what you say or do is positively or negatively impacting your child. You want to simply do your best to assist them in becoming all that they can be, and you must face the reality that you are often doing your best! As an attempt to continue to be hands-on parents that aren’t overbearing, yet intentional, we picked up this great learning resource from Amazon.

Grateful to our sister who teaches this age group daily, she introduced us to this great resource that enables us to interact with PJ in a fun and educational way. This book allows for children PJ’s age to actively engage with the educational content in a fun and creative way! While we all love the opportunity we have to enroll our kids into childcare, some families may continue to struggle with the decision in the height of COVID-19, or simply can’t afford it. This book is a great partner for your child to easily breakdown and recognize foundational learning principles; coupled with Gracie’s Corner of course!

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