Peek-a-Boo and Teaching Object Permanence

baby girl playing peekaboo

Peek-a-Boo and Teaching Object Permanence

By Jennifer Scotton

I didn’t realize how important a good game of peek-a-boo was until I became a parent. What appears to be a simple pastime is actually a valuable lesson for your child.

Our daughter now enjoys playing this entertaining game on her own. She’ll cover her eyes, and when she uncovers them, we’ll gleefully respond “peek-a-boo,” or “keet-a-boo,” as my three-year-old says. In response, she always giggles! We’re teaching her through simple play that when objects leave her sight, they don’t disappear forever. It is a significant milestone that will assist her in working through any potential separation anxiety she may experience in the later stages of infancy. Playing peek-a-boo is just one more tool we can use to help prepare our children for future success.

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