On the move (almost)

On the move (almost)

By Lizzy and Colin Tahsuda

At 5-months-old, Eleanor is antsy to be on the move! She is no longer content lying on her back on her mat but doesn’t quite have the core strength to sit up unassisted. We are working on her head, neck, and core muscles through tummy time.

Her favorite tummy time activity is playing with her water mat. We fill it up with water and the sea animals move around when she pushes the mat with her hands. She loves making the fish “swim”! Not only is this activity a great way for her to build her strength, it also prompts us to count and point out the colors of the animals. This entertains her for at least 10 minutes (a feat at this age) and makes tummy time so much more fun! She’ll be sitting up on her own in no time!

Watch Eleanor’s tummy time here!

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