It’s OK it be Upset

upset child in stroller

It’s OK it be Upset

By Jasmine Faison & Jonathan Linton 

Because Jade is such an active little one, of course she has moments when she becomes upset. It may be when she separates from us, is having teething pains, wants something that she is not old enough to safely play with yet, or just plain ole not feeling it.

Maximizing Love and Managing Stress has helped us in those moments. Jon and I always show Jade how much she is loved thru our daily cuddles and kisses, comforting her when she needs us, and playing with her in ways that bring joy and a bit of learning. Now that we are 7.5 months in and our routine is rock solid, we get the chance to go easier on ourselves and be more grateful for the journey, while putting words to Jades possible feelings, so that she can become more familiar with how certain things make her feel. It is our responsibility to set the tone on how she can and will manage stress. Some days are harder than others, but we’re heading into the holiday season feeling good and ready to hit our next milestones.

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