Having Fun While Learning

boy playing with colored blocks

Having Fun While Learning

By Shontia and Jayvon Johnson

Nurturing the learning environment of our son has been ideal for us! We wanted to make sure that each learning space he enters allows for him to explore his unique learning style, while also being based in best practices.

We have fallen in love with Appleville Academy! Mrs. Stephanie Douglas has been instrumental in developing a center that has well-trained staff, organized administrative process and modern technology and communication for parents.

As many of the lessons provided throughout the month, the last two weeks Parker and his friends have been focused on a new color. While discovering the color green, his class has also used the activity of locating two green bears in a pile of other colors. Through this activity, color recognition, sorting, counting, and fine motor skills are practiced.

It’s a curriculum like this that has allowed for us to continue the lessons in our home. PJ has enjoyed adding to his vocabulary and recognizing his ability to have fun while learning!


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