Making a Game of Comparisons

Making a Game of Comparisons

By Jennifer Scotton

With a three-year-old and an infant in our house, dinner time can get a bit hectic. As we wait for everyone to get seated, my son and I have been playing a new game to keep him occupied until food is in front of him at the table. I’ll point to his dad and say: “Who is taller, Daddy or Mommy?” He gives us both a once-over and gleefully replies, “Daddy!” We continue this game by comparing the height of everyone in our house, sometimes even adding in the dog and the cat! If we run out of heights to compare, we move on to ages and hair length.

This is an easy game that works well any time, including car rides and neighborhood walks. Using this tool to keep my son engaged has also helped to foster his math and critical thinking skills.



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