Exploring Sports

children playing soccer

Exploring Sports

By Ray and Glasher Robinson

Logan kicked off her athletic career this Spring playing soccer for the Hayes Taylor YMCA Sharks for 3-4 year olds. Bless her Coaches, The Bridges for their patience with Logan and her teammates. The Bridges learned pretty quickly after the first attempt at a drill that the key terms like “one at a time” and position words such as, “kick around your teammate” were not inferred and to be explicitly stated. When directions were not as specific as possible things became chaotic.

The coaches modeled dribbling (kicking the ball while running), how to stop the ball, passing, and then kicking the ball into the goal. Parents have assisted the coaches at practice with modeling how to do each of those items, too, because it’s two coaches and twelve 3-4 year olds. It’s been surprising to see the children even attempt to guide one another and act out skills for visual aid support.

I can honestly say we have seen a lot of progress from the team as a whole this season. With one more game left in the session, the Hayes Taylor Sharks are currently undefeated.

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