Everything, Everywhere

Everything, Everywhere

By Jasmine and Jon Faison

At 6 months old, Jade is curious about everything, everywhere. From the moment she was born, she was super alert and always aware of what was happening around her. She sees and hears everything!

Every moment is a learning opportunity. Talk, sing and point has helped us to explain what’s happening and why. In addition to not only teaching her what actions are happening, she’s constantly in tune with words and tries to mimic what she hears. She’s in the full swing of “baby talk.” Jade doesn’t hesitate to let us know what she enjoys and doesn’t enjoy. Let’s just say she loves to watch us clean up, but is still trying to figure out why in the world washing dishes makes so much noise. Of all things, counting, singing, watching Mommy vacuum, watching football, and independent play are her favorites!



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