Everyone Has a Story to Tell

two girls learning about history

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

By Glasher Robinson and Lionel Ray Robinson

We model reading aloud to Lauren and Logan and then discuss the story by asking them to provide their understanding of what was read by summarizing it or telling us their own version of a similar story. Depending on the responses the girls give, we will follow up with asking them questions or asking them to act out their interpretation.

Storytelling is a part of our cultural roots as African Americans. Both Lauren and Logan share this talent. Lauren at 7 years old, seems to shine in this arena thanks to her flair for dramatic expression and use of non-verbal gestures.

We have started turning our family outings into opportunities for the girls to share with us their understanding of their experiences. We are seeking to expose the girls to a variety of reading materials besides the traditional form of books and extend their reading comprehension practice beyond answering questions after reading.

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