Discovering Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs

By Shontia and Jayvon Johnson

It’s an adventure in itself discovering ALL of the dinosaurs! Yup, we said it, we have been learning about dinosaurs (well PJ more than us lol).

Over the last 3 months, Parker has had this strong interest in dinosaurs. Can you believe it, this 2-year-old is naming dinosaurs we can’t even pronounce! To match this level of amazement, one of his phenomenal aunties gifted him our latest read “Noisy Dinosaurs.”  In the pages of the book are embedded sound boxes that make the dinosaur on the page even more real! As we read and explore the dinosaurs, we engage PJ in making connections to the colors, letters, or numbers that he may be focused on in daycare. We turn our living room into Jurassic Park “Johnson Edition,” while allowing him to let his imagination run wild!

Often, reading on this level creates an environment that makes it fun and engaging. While we may lose him to taking the acting out of the book into a full-blown production, we hope that the aftermath of reading sessions like this produce a more intrigued and attentive reader.

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