Developing a Reading Routine

baby looking at books

Developing a Reading Routine

By Lizzy and Colin Tahsuda

Eleanor loves books. From about 3 weeks old, we started including books as part of her bedtime routine. At that age, she could barely see 10 inches in front of her, but we wanted reading together to become a habit for all of us. Now, at 6 months old, she is very aware that after her last bottle of the evening, it is time for jammies and books. We go to her bookshelf and pick out three to read.

Just recently, she’s been gravitating toward specific books which is so fun to watch! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom appears to be her favorite. She loves the rhyming and the exaggerated voices we use when all the letters tumble down the coconut tree. She’s even started turning the board book pages herself. We love reading to her and look forward to the day when she can read to us!

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