Classroom in a Kitchen

Classroom in a Kitchen

By Shontia and Jayvon Johnson

“Open the door please.” This seems to be the anthem of our home in this season with our son Parker (PJ). As a growing 2-year-old toddler boy, it’s as if he never grows full, and the door he is mentioning is our pantry. We have spent many moments in the kitchen these last several weeks, so we have learned to embrace this time for the better.

While standing in the doorway of the pantry asking for the next item to eat, we have learned to encourage PJ to pronounce the items he would like and even the color or names of characters on the box. Think of it as a “Classroom in a Kitchen,” the exploration of new shapes and the understanding of kitchen safety all in one. The kitchen has become a great training ground for us to learn new facets of our son and share in his curiosity. He observes and shares in food preparation, availing to us family time and teaching.

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