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The Guilford Basics are simple, free and fun things that all adults can do with the young children in their lives to help them be better prepared for school and for life.

Because we feel it is important for all adults, not just parents and caregivers, to know about and support this early childhood initiative, we want to encourage everyone to take time to learn about the Basics and discover ways to incorporate them into their interactions with children – whether it’s their own families, or children they see at their place of worship, the store, the park or just walking down the street.

You can get a quick introduction to the Guilford Basics in less than 15 minutes, by watching this overview video and then videos on the two Basics that most interest you. To encourage more people to learn about the Basics, Biscuitville is providing a coupon for a free biscuit to the first 3,000 people to watch at least three videos and answer some simple questions on them.

Guilford Basics